Monday, May 5, 2008

The Pub at Crown

Location: as the name suggests... Crown
Cuisine: pub food, Modern Australian
Company: various

Haven't been to the Pub at Crown for a while, but was going through my food list and happened across it. Went there for my 20th birthday, such a long time ago, but a great experience!

The food was of quite decent quality. I ordered steak, and by well-done, it truly was well-done. Not just well-done in the sense that it was cooked through, by more that it was still tender and juicy. The menu is also very extensive and has a range of dishes from steak, pastas, salads and the traditional pub feed.

~Atmosphere and Service~
The service was quite fast and friendly. They asked what the booking was for when I booked, and when I told them it was for a birthday, they set up helium balloons on our table, which was very nice of them. Wasn't very convenient to have to order and pay at the bar first for our meals, but the timing was rather quick. The only drawback with this place being a pub is that you weren't able to book out a table for the entire night, bookings were limited to around 2 hours and they asked us to start leaving around 8pm. I guess that's the bonus with being at Crown - there's a wealth of entertainment out there, and we spent the rest of the night inside Barcode and the gaming areas.

Decently priced for the dishes served, mains averaging from $15 - $30 depending on what was ordered. Grills tended to be more expensive as usual.

~Overall Impression: 9/10~
A little noisy and casual if you're looking for a more formal or classy dinner place, but a great place for a quick bite if you're around at Crown and looking for quick access to alcohol too.

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