Saturday, May 31, 2008


Location: 454 Whitehorse Road Mitcham [between Rooks and Mitcham Roads]
Cuisine: Italian
Company: Dan

Went to Majenta once with Jean about a year ago and we both absolutely loved the Tuscan grill, which gave the restaurant a high rating in our opinions. The place is nice and local, but comparatively, could match or even beat many of the places at Crown.

The menu isn't very long, but at the same time it covers a wide variety of food. Dan ordered the Porterhouse steak, I ordered a dish called 'involitini a la romana', which was basically a dish of veal wrapped in prosciutto rolled around some asparagus spears. The veal was really tender and well-marinated. The sauce was also quite tasty, which meant the vegies on the side were also quite nice. The non-alcoholic drinks menu was rather limited, and they didn't stock flavoured San Pelligrino - instead the waitress talked me into ordering a chinota, which tasted awful.

For dessert, Dan ordered a raspberry pizza [although using strawberries instead of raspberries because they had 'run out of raspberries'], and I ordered chocolate mousse. Both were fantastic, but huge!

~Atmosphere and Service~
Nice and classy. You can treat the place as a nice and quiet place for dinner, or a casual family meal. The waiters are quite friendly and helpful, and the food arrived within a reasonable time frame.

Very decently priced as the servings were pretty large and the quality was superb. Definitely Crown restaurant quality, if not better.

~Overall Impression: 9.5/10~
Been there twice now and both times thoroughly enjoyed it. Will definitely be back for more!

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