Saturday, November 27, 2010

Simply Spanish

Location: 116 Cecil St, South Melbourne
Phone:(03) 9682 6100
Cuisine: Spanish
Overall Impression: 3.5/10

J and I decided to check out South Melbourne market. And saw a cute little Spanish restaurant around the corner.

We both quickly decided we wanted paella. We tried to get the waitstaff's attention but we were ignored for about 20 minutes. As we had already been seated we thought we might as well give this place a shot. The service may be bad but the food could perhaps make up for the lack of any service.

We finally put our orders through. And then we waited.
And waited.
And waited.
And waited.
Half an hour later.
And the food didn't arrive. So, we asked tried to get any of the waitstaff's attention again and asked about what had happened with our order. We had both ordered the Paella Valenciana (big pot paella)... Which meant it would just come out of the massive pot of paella that was cooking at the front of the restaurant.
And it turned out they had forgotten our orders. The waitress came back in a couple of minutes with our Paellas. Finally.

The paella smelled delicious but as I tasted it. There was something missing. A good paella yields a 'socarrat', a delicious caramelisation of the bottom layer of rice. This was notably absent from the dish. The flavours were good but ordinary.
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