Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Universal Pizza, Pasta and Ribs

Location: 141 Lygon Street, Carlton
Cuisine: Italian... what else do you get on Lygon?
Company: Jenn - on one of our Wednesday 3 hour feasts

We had our eyes on the dessert menu, more specifically, the lemon and sugar crepes. So we kept the mains to a minimum - ordered a small pizza and a small pasta. The word 'small' was quite an underestimate. The servings were pretty huge for the description and we nevertheless stuffed ourselves. The pizza was crispy, the pasta was more bland and in my opinion, could have used more sauce. Nevertheless, we finally got around to getting the crepe, which was fantastic.

~Atmosphere and Service~
Very casual, nothing like the traditional Italian service where they wait on you constantly. They came if you asked them to, but otherwise left you to your own devices.

Quite cheap, our mains were around $10 each, and the crepe was about $8.

~Overall Impression: 8/10~
I'm going back again, even if it's just for the crepe!!
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Fodder said...

If that's the place I'm thinking of, I think they have awesome strawberry crepes, too, so you should try one next time you're there.

jenster said...

I love their lemon sugar crepes... maybe if I have room in my stomach, I might try the strawberry one too...

Maybe we should do dinner sometime over the holidays and go get some?