Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Location: Menzies Lane, Melbourne Central, next to Max Brenners
Cuisine: Fusion, Thai
Company: Jeanie

Ordered a roast duck curry with roti and Penang prawn noodles. Mmmmm... Still not quite sure whether it is Thai or Malaysian, but the food was awesome and the servings were pretty big - although we finished everything. Not sure if my appetite is growing due to all the eating out I've done!! The water tasted somewhat funny and the waitress showed hints of annoyance when I asked if they flavoured the water. She claimed it was possibly lemon juice, I still think otherwise.

~Atmosphere and Service~
The service [as implicitly as I said it above] was fairly low. From the moment we asked if there were tables upstairs, we got a feeling that the waitress just didn't want to be there! Instead of a quick explanation that it wasn't opened at lunchtime, she bluntly told us that we couldn't go up and had to sit downstairs. Then when we asked for plates to share, she seemed annoyed [at having to wash extra plates?]. The atmosphere was okay, a little crowded since they were cramming everyone in downstairs, but at the same time it was quiet and comfortable.

Somewhat expensive but the food was well worth it.

~Overall Impression: 9/10~
There is quite an extensive lunch menu, I can only imagine the dinner one. Location is convenient and assuming there is more seating upstairs, I'd like to try it out for dinner sometime.

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