Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Location: Causeway Lane, off Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne
Cuisine: Modern Australian
Company: Jenn and Jie

We ordered an Asian tasting platter [mmmm.... dipping sauce.... mmmm....], a Peking duck risotto and a meat lovers pizza. The food was awesome, especially the dipping sauce and the prawns and calamari on the platter. The risotto wasn't too bad. The pizza was especially crispy and stacked with toppings.

~Atmosphere and Service~
Whilst the waitresses were nice, we had to wait OVER HALF AN HOUR before we got our food. Our anger could have been mitigated had the waitress at least apologised and given us an explanation [eg, we expected the pizza to take a while, but certainly not the tasting platter]. But she went from being super-friendly when seating us, to avoiding eye contact while we were waiting for the food. Then when the food finally came, she started being super-friendly again. They didn't even bring poor Jenn's drink out until we questioned them about it!

The standard price you pay for lunch in a cafe these days, around $15-$20 for a main.

~Overall Impression: 7.5/10~
Despite the food being so nice, I doubt we'll be returning there anytime soon, especially not when we have better things to do than wait 30 minutes for a 'quick lunch'.

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