Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Location: Crown (gaming area)
Genre: Seafood & grill.
Company: Marky

Decor & Atmosphere: Brown and white. Quite pretty but unobtrusive. Much nicer now, post renovation. We normally rock up there quite early in the evening (coz we're lame and hungry) so our company du jour are old pensioners getting the early bird specials. *embarassing* But the times when we've been later in the evening, its usually full of people from all walks of life. After all, it's Crown. It's not quite fine dining but its very relaxed, buzzing place with the head chef out front yelling orders. That makes you feel like you're watching an episode of Chopping Block or something. Pretty cool.

The Food: 9/10
This is one of my regular haunts. Love this place. Nice, unpretentious food. I've had steaks here (good) but what I normally get is the 2 tier seafood platter. I prefer the hot seafood platter to the cold one coz its better value and hot food is generally yummier. As Mark calls it, it's a Seafood bonanza. They've recently decreased the size of the bonanza sadly but it's still awesome. On the bright side, the quality has improved and the seafood was really succulent last night.
So what's included in this bonaza?
- 1/2 a crayfish (really good. nice and meaty and sweet)
- 1 whole fish (we chose sea bream. YUM! I really liked the snapper last time too)
- 6 oysters (i asked to have them natural. I hate the kilpatrick sauce and overcookness of the hot oysters. Sadly the only cooked oysters worth their salt are the stamed asian style ones in my opinion)
- 6 mussels (average, but still good)
- 4 scallops (a wee bit oily but who doesnt like scallops)
- 1 crab (i think their crab is average, but Mark really likes it)
- 4 prawns (juicy this time! last time was a bit dry)
- 3 pieces of squid (why 3?)
- Bowl of chips
- Bowl of salad
- Dipping sauces (thousand island and tatare)

I love this place. The food is simply grilled and delicious. (Even when it's slightly overdone...) It's great variety and good service. They changed our plates heaps since there were so many shells. I thought our table was slightly too small but meh, can't complain.
I didn't get dessert this time coz we went out for green tea icecream but i also really like their sticky date pudding. Caramel sauce is great.

The Price: Reasonable
At $83 for the two of us it's a bit expensive for students but considering you're getting nothing but seafood it's pretty worth it. It used to be better value for money coz there was about 1/4 more food but considering the quality is better now, I'm still satisfied with it. Quality over quantity (provided there's still enough quantity!)
Plus, we used our entertainment card which meant we paid $55. $55 for all that yummy goodness. We walked away with super big smiles on our faces!

Fructose friendliness:
Like most grills the food is cooked with minimal marinades and fancy stuff. So it is very fructose friendly. The whole hot seafood platter is cooked sans onions and Mark just needed to avoid the sauces. He doesn't really eat salad so it fact that it had tomato and sauce was no big deal.
When we went there previously, the steak can be cooked without sauce as well.

Overall Impressions: 9.5/10
This is still one of my favs. The seafood is always very fresh and high quality. I still wish everything was a little less dry but, hey, that's what a GRILL is. I love the value for money, the laid back atmosphere and the good memories.

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