Friday, May 9, 2008

San Churro

Location: Burnswick St, Knox, Eastlands
Cuisine: Chocolate
Company: Usually Mark

-Best hot chocolate ever! Get a hot and cold, which is hot chocolate with a scoop of icecream. The sensation is so delicious and the hot chocolate is so lush.
- Also a great place for spanish inspired snacks. Spanish donuts called churros dusted with icing sugar and dipped in chocolate are quite unique but VERY filling. I need to try their tasting plate.
- Their boutique chocolate truffles are pretty yummo too.

~Atmosphere and Service~

-Usually very friendly. Can be a bit slow in making the hot chocolate but since it's been the same whenever we go there, I'm assuming making good hot chocolate should take a bit of time to get it to taste so good.

-Reasonable but not cheap. I *think* is $5.50 for a hot and cold. However, they have great loyalty schemes (stamp cards) and if you fill up a stamp card, you get a discount card sent to you on top of that so yay

~Fructose Friendliness~
-High. Chocolate is never a problem and they also have flourless chocolate cake for the fructys.

~Overall Impression: 9/10~
- This is one of my favorite hot chocolate places. The hot chocolate is so unique- I love hot and colds coz I've not seen it elsewhere. Also, their hot chocolate is not as sweet as Max Brenner or as heavy as KoKoBlack. I think its pretty perfect!
- The snacks available are interesting and different with a nice Spanish twist but I've had better.
- Go there for a yummy yummy drink and a nice place to sit and hang for a while.

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Fodder said...

There's one of these on Lygon St. now! I went there with Sharon and Graham when we were given 50% off any drink cards by someone standing outside uni. They both liked their drinks, but said that it was so filling. The truffles looked so awesome that I took photos of them all. >_<