Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pancake Parlour

Location: Bourke Street Mall
Cuisine: pancakes
Company: Jie and Jenn

Jie was craving pancakes so we decided it was time for another trip to good old PP.

As always, the pancakes are awesome, as are the crepes. The only dish I've had problems with was the fish pancake. We were in for a quick lunch before Jenn had to head back to uni so ordered off the 'Express Lunch' menu, well all except Jie! I ordered the Mexican Beef Crepe, which was something I have never tried before. It surprised me. The filling for the crepe was full of flavour, with a decent taco sauce. The beef was nice and tender and well-marinated, and was mixed with sliced almonds to give it that slightly different texture. The crepe was scattered with shredded lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. Brilliant. Jenn ordered the Lunchtime Tabriz with Cottage Fries, her only complaint was that the fries didn't have the bacon bits. Jie had the Mozzarella Pancake from the regular menu, and came in a huge serving. No complaints.

~Atmosphere and Service~
We requested 'Express' and that's what we got. The service at PP has always been rather friendly, and most request are usually complied with.

Regular prices, but always seem somewhat overpriced for the serving size. I guess you can't really get pancakes like them anywhere else though.

~Overall Impression: 9.5/10~
Very impressed with the food and service this time around. No need to really elaborate, Jie loves the place for supper at midnight!

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