Sunday, May 11, 2008


Location: Tenancy 9, 800 Bourke Street, Docklands
Cuisine: Modern Australian
Company: Jie's 21st

Jie chose this place off Interestingly when she picked the place, she had never been to it and had no idea where it was. Anyway, Watermark is a bar without a slightly disjointed area for the restaurant. After a certain hour, they clear away the tables and that part becomes an open area for the club.

The menu was rather extensive for what one would expect at a bar, and the food was of really good quality. The skewers at the beginning were really well done, with awesome dipping sauces and creative combinations of vegetables with meat. The mains were fantastic. I ordered the chicken breast, which was really tender inside, and crispy on the outside, the mash was really soft and creamy, The vegies on the other hand, involved steamed beans, and a giant piece of broccoli. The place must love its broccoli! Liz's fish and chips looked fresh and the chips were really good. The menu also included a range of pasta, risotto, steaks and grills. Servings were quite large too, especially the parmagiana.

~Atmosphere and Service~

The waiters were extremely friendly and helpful. They were also quite patient as most of the guests arrived late and we took so long to order and eat. The atmosphere in the restaurant area was very casual, if a little cold due to the open door. The place also overlooked the water, which gave the place a classy feel too.

The club-like atmosphere is probably like all others, given the only other club I've ever been to was F4. There was a hype in the place, and the people there were quite friendly. Cloakroom was a little confusing at the start, and somewhat expensive too, but the overall feel of the place was comfortable.

Average. Menu pricings were very similar to a lot of our regular haunts. Mains ranged between $15 to $30. But given the serving sizes, it can probably be deemed as fairly low-priced..

~Overall Impression: 9.5/10~
A nice place to chill and grab a nice meal before heading into the bar area for drinks if you wish. The place is accessible by tram [down Harbour Esplanade], but before you go, get an idea of where it's exactly located, because it doesn't have a streetfront view.

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Jeanie said...

this is where we had the 3rd year dental cocktail ball. its a bit crowded for clubbing though