Monday, May 5, 2008


Location: Crown
Cuisine: Italian
Company: Mel, Jane, Alex, Peter

Crown is wonderful if you're looking for somewhere to dine. Despite the slight distance from the CBD [which is cured by catching the 96 or 109 trams], there is an atmosphere of class and elegance just from the location. In addition, a number of restaurants there open onto Southbank and the Yarra, which is great in summer. We've been there twice, first for Mel's 20th, and then earlier this year as a post-evidence celebration.

Both times we went, the food was great. Mel's 20th was a little different in that she ordered a whole range of dishes and we just shared it around, so it's a little tricky to recall all the dishes. They have the usual Italian menu, pizzas, pastas, salads and the like. The bruschetta and the seafood pasta were memorable.

Our post-evidence dinner ended up at Automatic because we had strolled along Southbank and found nothing particularly appealing for the night [and Alex wanted something by the Yarra]. The food this time wasn't as good as the first time, perhaps because it was a Monday night. Mel and I ordered a seafood pizza and giant penne. The others ordered pasta from memory. In any case, our pizza was not cooked properly and they had to make us a new one. The good thing was that pizza was half-price that night, so we forgave them for it!

~Atmosphere and Service~
Noisy and fast. There was a buzz to the place, and service was quite fast - if you could get hold of a waiter that is. Very casual dining and there is a bar in the middle of the room for those waiting for a table or just looking for something to drink.

Somewhat overly priced for the size of the dishes, but then pizza is often on half-price, so it does work out. Find out which days they have the specials if you plan to go.

~Overall Impression: 7.5/10~
Would probably go again for the pizzas, but not much chance of going back for their pastas - Lygon Street is probably a better option.

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