Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oriental Spoon

Location: La Trobe Street, Melbourne [near Elizabeth Street]
Cuisine: Korean
Company: Stace, Jane, Anna, Alex, YC, YMG, Ed, Peter

Most of us ordered the same thing - the stone bowl bulgogi. There was a good mix of meat, vegies and rice. And the rice even came somewhat crispy where it had been stuck to the stone bowl. It came with that sizzling effect that those sizzling plates of meat usually come with. On the other hand, I still think I prefer Jap food. The service was minimal, no harassment, which was good given that most places we've been to harass you time and time again about ordering and such. Atmosphere was pretty good, we've been there once before ages and ages ago and it hadn't changed much. Just much quieter on a weekday lunch.

~Atmosphere and Service~
As with most Asian places [apart from the expensive dining restaurants], the service is minimal. The highlight for Jane and Alex would have been the Korean waiters...

Cheap for the amount of food there was.

~Overall Impression: 7.5/10~
Quite decent and affordable.
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