Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beijing Gourmet (东方水饺)

Location: Whitehorse Road, Box Hill
Cuisine: Chinese... as with most shops in Box Hill
Company: family, family friends

My dad wanted to shout some family friends dinner after they got back from Macau. Being over the whole large restaurant experience, we decided to opt for something a little different.

The place is known for it's snack-like dishes, a similar approach to what you get at yum cha but there are no trolleys. The menu was quite extensive and we ordered a heap of dishes ranging from dumplings to kebabs. Some of the top dishes:
  • Noodle salad - thin flat noodles with preserved carrots etc, the lot was marinated in a slightly spicy, slightly sour dressing...mmm...
  • Dumplings - could be steamed or fried, and came in three or four different varieties such as lamb, seafood etc.
  • Asian-ised sauerkraut soup - served with chicken and vermicelli in a little clay pot
  • Xinjiang kebabs - these were awesome, made a mistake in asking for the spicy ones but still, so very very nice.

~Atmosphere and Service~
Box Hill is not renowned for it's service, and we didn't expect much. The waitresses were able to explain the dishes to us and we got everything we asked for. I consider that decent service.

Some of the dishes were a little pricey in terms of the serving sizes but the dumplings and kebabs were quite cheap in comparison to other places.

~Overall Impression: 8.5/10~
The variety of food means that you can go there even when you're not really hungry, and just nibble on small dishes. It's a good alternative to yum cha if you're sick of it!
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