Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jim's Greek Tavern

Location: Collingwood
Genre: Greek
Company: Jeanie

Decor & Atmosphere: It's meant to be authentic greek decor. Little tables, family feel, blue place mats. Very mom and pop type of thing. However, whilst the restaurant itself looked very nice, the atmosphere had a lot to be desired. There is no menu - so you have no idea what there is, or what it costs. The waiters and staff were not nice at all, and attempted to screw you out of as much money as possible by 'suggesting' food that are typically given as side dishes (like a 'SALAD WITH YOUR MEAL'), but in actual fact they sell them as separate dishes. They were not happy that i dared ask if they could serve my food onion-free, and attempted to make me feel guilty when asking for chips because "we have to hand slice them if we do that"...when it turns out that they HAND SLICE THEM ANYWAY (which we found out because the waiter was sucking up to a big family in the table behind us). By the way, don't expect 2 out of 3 of the waiters to understand much english.

The Food: 5/10
I ordered the snapper (with salad) and jeanie ordered lamb. The snapper was nice, but a little dry. The salad contained nothing but lettuce, rocket, and ONION. Jeanie's lamb was very salty, and a bit overcooked. Not what we expected at all from the rave reviews we read in the Good Food Guide.

The Price: Excessive
$30 for the snapper, $10 for the salad, and $25 for the lamb. Utter rip off. What got me was that they charged me for the salad, which they offered with my meal, without telling me that it would cost money. Quite frankly, it was overpriced, and the food wasn't even that good quality.

Fructose Friendliness: Not friendly at all. They didn't seem to understand how not to put an onion into a meal, when specifically told NO ONION. I was sick for 2 days afterward.

Overall Impression: 1/10
If i am going to order a meal, at least give it to me the way i asked. I said i had an allergy, and they not only didn't listen, they did not care. Quite frankly, i don't care if they are 'the oldest greek restauarant in Melbourne', their customer service was absolutely pathetic and there is no way in the depths of Hell that i would ever deign to eat there again, let alone recommend it to my friends.

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