Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kun Ming

Location: 212 Little Bourke Street (Chinatown, between Swanston and Russell Streets)
Cuisine: Chinese
Company: Christine

When I eat out, I don't eat much Chinese food, usually because we have family dinners at the Chinese restaurants in Doncaster and that since most of my friends are Asian, we're all sick of Asian. The lawyer I did work experience with took me to this place once and I loved the atmosphere and quality of food that I've taken Christine there twice.

The first time we went there was for lunch. We ordered soup, prawns with vegies, and fried chicken with plum sauce and rice. The chicken was awesome and very unique because the sauce wasn't visible - in fact, the chicken had been marinated in it before being coated, so that it was crispy on the outside and sweet on the inside. The bonus of that was that the crispy coating couldn't go soggy like sweet and sour pork does.

Being so impressed with the place, when C came back to Melbourne over the summer, I took her there again, but this time for lobster. We managed to finish a 1.5lbs lobster with noodles and vegies between us, and I finally got to show to her what I had been harping on about for over a year! On top of that, I think I drank too many pots of tea.

~Atmosphere and Service~
Being one of the smaller Chinese restaurants in Chinatown [compared to Dragonboat and the like], the service has always been surprising good. They knew when to approach us and when to stay away.

Compared to the suburbs and maybe some of the smaller restaurants, the prices hint on the expensive side of things. I don't mind paying the extra though, because you can almost guarantee that the food is going to be good, especially if you order their specials.

~Overall Impression: 9.5/10~
I'll always keep this in mind when I'm out for Asian, there aren't many places I'd eat at for Asian in the city, and this certainly tops the list.
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