Friday, October 16, 2009

Chiangmai Thai Cuisine

Location: 121 Lygon Street, Carlton
Cuisine: Thai

Thai food is not something that immediately springs to mind when one thinks of Lygon Street. But there are a surprising number of Thai places that are hidden in amongst the Italian eaters. Chiangmai was one of these hidden gems to which I will be returning to.

Mixed entrée - chicken spring rolls, chicken satay skewers, fish cakes, chicken curry puffs

I quite enjoyed everything on this dish. The spring rolls were very tasty, slightly different to Vietnamese and Chinese spring rolls - I think it was less meaty - but tasted great with the sweet chilli dipping sauce. The fish cakes were surprisingly tasty and did not taste too processed as I had expected it to be. The curry puffs were also surprisingly good - the filling was tasty, light and a little airy on the inside, crispy on the outside. Perfectly good deal for $12.

Chicken Pad Thai - stir fried rice noodle with crushed peanuts, egg, bean shoots and spring onion

I don't think I have managed to find any place that can beat Tasty Thai when it comes to pad thai. The rice noodles in this dish were too soft and sticky, when the rice noodles should have been al dente (a bit like pasta). The flavour was very light and tangy, with plenty of peanuts and bean shoots for crunch.

Pork Gang Keow Wan - green curry with vegetables, coconut milk and bamboo shoots

One of the best green curries I have had in a long time! The meat was soft and tender, and the curry was smooth and very coconut-ty. The bamboo shoots were crunchy and the other vegies were softened and juicy.

Service: somewhat lacking but quite patient and friendly
Atmosphere: a classier Thai restaurant compared to the typical Swanston Street eatery. Quite small looking but there is more seating upstairs
Food: pretty amazing
Value for money: a little on the pricey side, but well worth it

Overall Impression: 9/10
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