Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Meat & Wine Co

Restaurant: The Meat & Wine Co.
Location: 3 Freshwater Place, Queensbridge Square, Queensbridge Street, Southbank

Jenster has made a post on The Meat & Wine Co already, but I thought I'd publish my own take on the restaurant.

First impressions of the place was pretty classy, we arrived just when it was opening so basically no one was there yet. Our reservation was under the name "Pin", and was seated at our table almost imediately.

Memorable moments was when Helen asked for the lights to be brighter, but was rejected.

As for the food ...

Pork Tasting Platter - Tender pieces of pork belly, served with a burnt apple puree and flame-grilled pork chops on a bed of crushed kipfler potatoes, topped with a peach & apple chutney.

This was the our favourite dish for the night I think. (Although Emma Z who visited a few weeks later would disagree) Just the tenderness of the pork belly and the sweetness in the sauce, on a bed on potatoes. However, I would not dare attempt to eat this all by myself, between the four of us, it was just enough to leave us hanging for more next time.

Pork Tasting Platter

Pasta of the day - Linguine with mushrooms, asparagus, spinach, cherry tomatoes.
This was our least favourite dish of the night. Not enough flavour, and a bit too oily in texture. I guess it was our fault though for choosing a pasta dish at a steak place.

Pasta of the day - Linguine with mushrooms, asparagus, spinach, cherry tomatoes

Steak didn't taste particularly special, which was a huge disappointment.
and the chips? well just look at the pictures. Although, my workmate seems to really enjoy the rib-eye steaks from here.

New Yorker (Sirloin) 300g Medium

Rib-eye 350g

Overall, lets just say my quest to find the best steak is continuing.
Any recommendations? I have yet to try Squires Loft recommended by Linda

Untill next time eat well, live well,
♥ j

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