Saturday, August 29, 2009


Restaurant: Horoki
Location: 19 Liverpool St, Melbourne
Link: (the site was at one stage working)

A few weeks back my friend (Katie) recommended Horoki (and Ezard) to me. Out of the blue one night I decided to have dinner there. We were fortunate to arrive before the dinner rush and managed to get two seats on the benches.

My first impressions of the restaurant was a friendly and welcoming environment. It is a small restaurant though, so I wouldn't recommend bringing all your friends here.

Now for the food...

First thing we had was the garlic bread as we didn't think that we got enough food, and luckily we did because it was really nice.

There was three sticks but we ate it before I remembered to take a picture of it.

Next on the list was Sashimi Daikon Salad. This was one of our favourite dishes of the night.
Awesome mixture of flavours, fresh sashimi, fish roe, salad and dressing. Just couldnt get enough of the fish roe.

Next was fried oyster. Good texture and sauce mix. But we should have gone for the naturals instead.

This was MY favourite dish. Fish roe & butter sauce pasta with seaweed.
I've never tried anything like this, and I think thats what made it so good. It was just so different from the norm. The different mixtures of the flavours and texture - the popping out the fish with the butter sauce. Must try again but with a different sauce base.

Lamb chops with a bed of mash and asian style sauce. The thing that made this different was the sauce and the seasame seeds. Nice fusion.

Overall, I was very satisfied with the food, service and ambience. Definately will be back for more.

Rating 9/10 (there is always room for improvement)

♥ j

(Lunch review to be posted)

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