Friday, July 31, 2009


Restaurant: Shoya
Location: 25 Market Lane, Melbourne
On the weekend I gave Shoya a visit for the first time. We had the Shoya Special Lunch Set - UME Set & TAKE Set. My first impressions of the restaurant was pretty good. It was very spacious, almost everyone gets their own section of the restaurant, and the service was quick and timely.

Circular chopstick holders

Now to the most important thing and the reason why we went - the food.

First on the menu was cavoury egg custard and seaweed salad. The egg custard was pretty good, not everyones cup of tea but I enjoyed the creamyness and the bits of prawns and mushrooms in it. The seaweed salad was just average.

Next, Tempura - again pretty average.

Sashimi - Now this was something not so average. The scallop was very sweet and juicy. Best scallop I've ever had, and I'm not a scallop fan. Then I think it was the snapper (wasn't too sure what he said it was, but I think it was the snapper) It was so good. Could have definately gone for seconds. The skin was almost crunchy and the meat was so soft and tasty. The most disappointing was the tuna. It tasted too "bloody" in my opinion.

Grilled Eel - Just enough flavour and a slight crisp on the skin.

Miso Soup and Mixed Rice - Both average, both of which I wouldnt eat again.

Teriyaki Wagyu Beef and Teriyaki Chicken - Both used the same Teriyaki sauce. Chicken was nice and crispy.

Sushi - Very fresh

Before the end of the meal we were all very full - extremely full infact!!

Overall, I was satisfied but not overly satisfied. I would like to try it again and give it another shot, but if it doesnt impress me again I don't think I would go back. Next time though, I'd most likely pick my own food, instead of getting the set menus.

My rating if I had to give it one would be 7/10 (so I was a bit disappointed )

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Anonymous said...

hello there,

thats a shame that you didnt enjoy your lunch all that much... I must admit that I've never been let down by either their lunch or dinner sets. Sushi and sashimi are truly the best in town but they can be let down by there more 'traditional' japanese food which can be found at dozens of other japanese restaurants surrounding Shoya... I think the beauty about Shoya is that it dosen't try to emulate the norm japanese food, but rather a modern and more unique take on japanese food IMO...