Thursday, April 16, 2009


Location: Menzies Alley, Melbourne Central
Cuisine: Crepes, Waffles

There is this amazing waffle place hidden away in Menzies Alley at Melbourne Central. Decently priced and very very addictive!

Belgian waffles with fresh fruit and ice-cream

A normal serving of this usually has more pieces of waffles - but they ran out of waffle mixture and gave us extra crepes instead (see below). The waffles are delicious! Crispy and just sweet enough. There is a slighly biscuitty crunch and soft doughy insides. The berry sauce poured over the top was sweet and light, and went well with both the waffles and the ice cream. The fruit seemed a little out of place, but was nice to balance the dish out with.

Crepes with fresh strawberries and melted Lindt dipping sauce

My favourite is usually this set but with waffles instead of crepes. The crepes just weren't quite what I had expected, although it was still done quite nicely. The strawberries were awesome, and the Lindt chocolate sauce....heaven!!

Overall Impression: 8/10 (due to lack of waffle mixture)

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