Sunday, June 22, 2008


Location: Eastland [next door to Hoyts]
Cuisine: Modern Australian, Italian, Asian
Company: Jean, Mark, Jenny

A menu containing pizza, risotto, stir fries and steaks provides a nice variety. Although some mains were larger then others, seeming Jean and Jen both had larger servings (shanks and ribs) then Mark and I (steak and risotto), they were extremely satisfying. Ribs came with a side of wedges and a salad and the steak and shanks came with mash.

~Atmosphere and Service~
The atmosphere is very lively, bustling with people throughout the entire night. Service may lack in some areas but is partly due to the busy night. While the food came out quite quickly, asking for a bottle of water was a struggle since all their staff were extremely busy.

Prices were decent, ranging from $4-$10 for entrees and $20-$30 for mains.

~Overall Impression 8/10~
Food was filling and really satisfying. Service was lacking slightly but due to how busy the place is. Overall, very impressed with the quality of service and food.

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Jeanie said...

hmm... i have to minus one point for the food. i must admit my lamb shanks were delicious but Mark asked for his lamb medium well and it came out all bloody in the center (more medium rare than medium well). I think if you ask for meat medium well, it shouldn't be oozing blood. but otherwise, everything was great.