Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pork Barrel

Location: King George Terrace, Parkes, ACT
Phone: (02) 6273 1455
Cuisine: Cafe, Modern Australian

Usually the location of Friday night drinks, Pork Barrel also serves up an array of amazing wood-fired pizzas as well as a more modest selection of various mains on their specials board.

On this one occasion, I ordered a risotto with chorizo, olives and Parmesan cheese:

Risotto with chorizo, olives and Parmesan

My first thoughts when this dish was served to me was how huge the serve was! Then there was the beautiful aromas of the chorizo, tomato based sauce and the Parmesan cheese. The risotto itself was well-cooked and the chorizo was full of flavour. The flavours of the dish were also quite balanced despite most of the ingredients having strong flavours of their own.

One of the more impressive risottos I've had, and all for only $18.

Pizzas are generally half-price for lunch on Mondays and Tuesdays, so it's worth giving it a go. We went there for a divisional lunch and the meal ended up costing us around $7 a head.

Drink-wise, happy hour is between 5pm and 6pm, and from memory features cheap beers. Having never had a beer there before, I can't vouch for the quality, but it is a post-work watering hole and thus I gather the beer is at least decently drinkable - if beer is your kind of thing.

Overall Impression: 9/10
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