Saturday, May 15, 2010

Atrium Bar

Location: Queensbridge Street entrance, Crown Casino, Southbank.
Cuisine: Bar

Was here during one of Atrium Bar's 'Unwind Fridays'.

From left: 'Mai Tai' and 'Basil Me Jack'
Both DELICIOUS. The 'Basil Me Jack' tasted like a very good mojito! YUM

Complimentary canapes...
This photo was taken after we had engulfed the steamed pork buns...
$8 Feature Cocktails
Melon Sour
Summer Punch
Japanese Slipper
Pear and Hazelnut Martini
Strawberry Sorbet
Brandy Alexander
Mai Tai
Fluffy Duck
Strawberry, Mango or melon Daiquiris
Mark Twain
Basil Me Jack

Overall Impression: 6.5/10
Location wise? Probably not the best. Its at one of the entrances to the casino...the one closest to the Atrium, to be exact. But this detail quickly fades into the background once you've sampled one of their $8 cocktails. Deliciously amazing! And they are VERY generous with the alcohol bit of the cocktail too. The complimentary canapes will surprise you (in a good way... Having said that, I did have low expectations). Live music on the baby grand piano wasn't too bad either ;)

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