Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stalactites Again

Location: 177 - 183 Lonsdale Street
Cuisine: Greek
Previous reviews: Stalactites

The complimentary bread that was supposed to go with the moussaka but ended up going with the dips

This came out quite early, and sat at our table for a very long time while we waited for the dips to arrive. By the time they did, the bread was cold.

Dips: (clockwise from top-left) hommus, eggplant, tzatziki, caviar

These dips were fantastic! The hommus was pretty average, but the other three were very well done. The caviar was popular, smooth and creamy in texture. The tzatziki and eggplant were fresh and full of flavour.

Pita bread

The pita was toasted so that it was slightly crispy and warmed. Went very well with the dips!

Moussaka - Greek traditional dish of baked layers of potatoes, minced beef & eggplant topped with bechamel cream sauce served with baked vegetables & rice

I had never had moussaka before, so this was a new dish to try. I wasn't as impressed, it didn't turn out the way I had imagined it to be - there wasn't nearly enough bechamel sauce and I half-expected it to taste like a lasagne with potatoes instead of the pasta sheets. The baked vegies and rice were amazing though. The vegies were nicely baked, sweet and tender. The rice was somewhat similar to the spicy rice at Nando's, just without the spice.

Small lamb giro (sic) platter

By the time we got to this, we were simply too full to continue eating. However, the lamb did smell great when it first arrived at our table, and the few pieces I managed to squeeze in were just as good as expected.

Service was ridiculously slow, especially since the dips took about as long as the moussaka to come out - one would expect the dips to arrive well before the rest of the mains!

Overall Impression: 7.5/10

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