Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Location: Level 1, West End, Crown Entertainment Complex
Link: www.steakoutatcrown.com.au
Cuisine: Grill, Modern Australian

Prawn cocktail - king prawns with cocktail sauce

Fresh prawns with a tangy mayo/yoghurt style sauce and a squeeze of lemon...mmmm..... The only downside with this appetiser was the size!

Cold seafood platter - combination of prawns, oysters, calamari, smoked salmon

The platter really was amazing... there was so much food!! Everything was really really fresh, the prawns were sweet and juicy, the calamari tender and the smoked salmon full of flavour. The tartare sauce was zingy and a perfect match for the seafood.

Oysters Kilpatrick - bacon and Worcestershire sauce

My first time eating oysters Kilpatrick and I've fallen in love. The bacon was smokey and the sauce was full of flavour, complimenting freshly steamed oysters. I found a couple of granules of rock salt inside the oyster and still cannot work out whether it was deliberate or not (they were served on a bed of rock salt).

Mixed grill - beef tenderloin, chicken breast, special Steakout sausage, farmhouse bacon and grilled tomato

I only tried the bacon on this, but it was very nicely down - slightly crispy and smokey, but not quite burnt or charred. I didn't hear any complaints about this meal.

Grilled lamb chops with oven-roasted rosemary chat potatoes and butter glazed mixed vegetables

Butter glazed...what more can you say apart from how amazing the vegetables tasted?! I never eat cauliflower (except in cheese) and devoured a piece of this like any other vegie. The lamb chops were slightly charred, perhaps a little overdone. The potatoes were aromatic and tender. The main was perhaps the most balanced main of the table!

Porterhouse steak with fries

This was the special of the day - 200g Porterhouse steak + pot/soft-drink for $15!! However, you do get what you pay for, and the steak was a little too on the stringy side and chewy at times. The mushroom sauce was very nice but could have done with a slight bit more flavour. The fries however, were some of the best I have ever had - crunchy to the end, even when they had gone cold, and perfectly salted.

Pancakes with deep fried banana and ice cream

The bananas were crunchy and sticky on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside, just like they should have been. The pancakes were somewhat average - I've had better at Pancake Parlour - and the serving of ice-cream could have been better. The berry sauce was sweet and refreshing, adding some freshness to a fairly heavy dessert.

Crown’s smallest sundae - scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with hot chocolate sauce

Simple yet delicious. Seriously, you can't go wrong with ice cream with hot chocolate sauce!

Prices weren't too bad, steaks ranged from $15 (special) to $37 (tenderloin), seafood priced from $25 (grilled snapper) through to $66 (whole crayfish). Then there was a range of pastas and other mains at the standard $20 - $30 price range. In addition, Steakout has daily specials from Monday to Thursday and special drinks prices on Friday and Sunday nights.

Overall Impression: 9/10

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