Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oriental Spoon

Location: 254 Latrobe Street
Cuisine: Korean
Company: various

I've been to this place multiple times, each time is a slightly different experience. I remember Mel took us to this restaurant the first time and we ordered a casserole [Korean casseroles are very soupy, but full of flavour] and a few other dishes between four people. Have been back a couple of other times for lunch of simple rice dishes, but it was the last that was the most memorable.

I met Jie after work one Saturday night and headed to Oriental Spoon for dinner. We ordered a beef cassarole and a pancake to share. We underestimated the size of the pancake and ordered a main size, rather than an entree sized, and had half of it leftover. The pancake itself was quite nice, and full of seafood, but could have had a stronger flavour, or a sauce that would cling to the pancake better. The casserole on the other hand, was bursting with flavour, especially by the end. It worked pretty much like hotpot, except that the broth itself was highly flavoured, before the waitress added the raw ingredients to a small camping stove at our table. The waitress would return at intervals to mix the soup and contents up a bit more, and we ate the beef and vegies with rice.

Beef casserole

Like most Korean restaurants, the meal also came with a number of complimentary sides, which were mostly quite tasty.

Pricewise, the meal cost us about $30 each, including drinks. A fairly decent price given we walked out of there overly full! We now know that one entree sized will be sufficient for two people!
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