Sunday, January 11, 2009


Location: Melbourne Central [corner of Elizabeth and Little Lonsdale Streets]
Cuisine: Modern Australian
Company: Stace, Mel, Jane

Equinox is a bar and restaurant located near Chillipadi at Melbourne Central. It has two floors, with an upstairs function area and bar, and a integrated downstairs cafe and dining area. The drinks were reasonably priced - $3 each. Stace and I ordered a latte and hot chocolate, and occupied the table and comfortable couches for two hours before we were joined by the others for dinner.

The food was very cheap indeed. The mains were priced $8 to $15 each, with an average of $6 desserts. However, the food was completely reflective of the price. My steak was the worst I have ever eaten: dry, stringy and almost odd tasting. The salad wasn't very fresh either. The only things I found edible were the chips and the mushroom sauce. Stace's marinara pasta came with a surprise spiciness. Mel's grilled pacific dory was given an 'okay' but the serving size was tiny. Only Jane's burger was considered 'good'. You get what you pay for I guess.

Rump steak with chips and salad

Pasta marinara

Beef burger

Grilled pacific dory with steamed vegetables

On the other hand, the place itself is quite nice. The music was very agreeable to us, and they had a balcony where the breeze was allowed in. Very casual, relaxing and probably a good place to hang if you're after a drink, but I would not recommend this place for dinner.

Overall impression: 5/10

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