Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Luna 1878 Winter Night Market

Location: Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne
Cuisine: Night Market

Every Wednesday night throughout July and August, the Queen Vic Market has been hosting a winter night market. Much like the Suzuki Night Markets of summer, the market is set up with food stalls and the occasional goods stand.

Compared to summer, there are less stalls, but less is more when the food hits a whole new standard.

Clockwise from top left: boy pinoy skewers, meatballs on fries,
bigne, steak sandwich, bread bread and more bread, cocktails, wings

Highlights were the fried chicken wings in honey soy sauce and the pork belly skewer from boy pinoy. The wings tasted especially good with the ranch dressing although the chips it came with were pretty ordinary. The skewers were perfect and well worth the extremely long wait in a smoky queue. Tender, flavoursome and as expected, very very smoky. 

Another highlight was the meatballs on fries. Juicy beef meatballs sitting atop a bed of fries which were well seasoned with spices. The balls were coated in a rich tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. A perfect winter warmer.

The only real let down was the steak sandwich. Pretty ordinary, and the most expensive of all the dishes at $11 each. 

For dessert, we opted for the bigne from the Italian dessert stand - nice profiteroles filled with cream and then topped with a chocolate sauce. A nice sweet finish to the night, although it was a very rich dessert.

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Anonymous said...

Love Reading Food Blogs. I was at the Luna Market on Wed as well. It was a toss upp between Laska Soup for me and a Cheesesteak for my Hubby. We shared and they were both AMAZING. Love the street food at LUNA. Going Back for more:)))