Monday, April 9, 2012

The Aylesbury - express lunch menu

Location: 103 Lonsdale Street Melbourne 3000
Phone: (03) 9077 0451
Cuisine: Spanish

I'm not even back in Canberra yet and I'm already posting. I guess this is what happens when the choice is between doing this, going to bed early or doing uni assignments.

Off the plane and it was straight off to lunch at the Aylesbury.  This time it's the $30 express lunch menu - choice of entrée and main, finished off with a petit four and either coffee or tea.

For entrée, there's a choice of oysters, beetroot and goat's cheese or lamb ribs. I go for the oysters - there's a lack of decent seafood in Canberra and I've had the lamb before (and as amazing as it was last time, I wanted something different).

Sydney rock oysters
The oysters were served fresh, accompanied with a zingy vinaigrette and a wedge of lemon. Simple and brilliant.

For mains there was a choice between market fish, gnudi and steak. The tarragon shallot butter intrigues me, so I opt for the steak.

steak, tarragon shallot butter

It's not until it arrives that I realise I haven't been asked how I want it cooked. It's a little too close to the well done side of things for my liking, but they have somehow managed to keep the meat from drying out (possibly from all the butter). The butter is glossy and fragrant from the tarragon and shallot. The dish is topped with crispy fried onion rings - the rings are indeed crispy, but there is more batter than there is onion.

All in all, it's another pleasant dining experience at the Aylesbury. The staff are again polite, friendly and helpful. The express lunch is a good deal - good value and good quality food. But it lacked the 'wow factor' that I got from my last visit. I think I'll be sticking to the a la carte from now on.

Overall Impression: 8.5/10
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