Wednesday, January 13, 2010


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Location: Ground Floor, Crown Promenade Hotel
Cuisine: Modern Australian
  • A seafood buffet consisting mainly of oysters and prawns with some sort of fish and squid salad

  • This was accompanied by the usual salads and sauces (a thousand island and seafood cocktail)
  • Dips and bruschetta (sic) were also a part of the buffet. They were eatable although the corn chips provided were too salty and would cause a heart attack to anyone who had a lot of it

  • A main meal was also included with choice of lamb, chicken, fish , porterhouse steak and roast beef which was also accompanied with a choice of sauce
  • Lamb: cooked nicely with the a bit of a pinkish tinge, however it was lacking in sauce and we had to ask for more which took a while so the meal went a little bit cold
  • Porterhouse: according to reports, dry and not recommended although the mash on the side was very nice
  • Chicken: according to reports, also dry and not recommended also

  • Each person was also permitted to three drinks of their choice although limited to beer, wine and soft drink. They were a bit stringent on these choices, as I asked for tea and it was not allowed.

  • Dessert buffet included a variety of small cakes (mango cheesecake, orange cake), jelly, mousse, Portuguese tarts, and ice-cream. Only the mango cheesecake was worth recommending.
  • Cheese Platter: brie, blue and cheddar

  • There were quite a few birthday celebrations on the night which made it slightly loud and the place was packed
  • Although a bit loud at times, we could still converse with each other.
  • The only negative aspect of the crowd was that, at times, patrons had to queue up for the seafood buffet

  • Good overall
  • Raman (sic) was our waiter, and informed us of the main meals and was kind when one of our party was eager in filling out the drinks sheet
  • When the wait staff saw we had finished dishes, they did take them away, so this aspect of the service was good.
  • But the second batch of drinks that we ordered did take a while to be served (approximately a thirty minute wait)
  • The service was also quite slow on the extra mushroom sauce we ordered, and we had to remind them of our order a second time.

  • $42.00 per person
  • For a seafood buffet, this is quite good value, because one only has to eat two dozen oysters and a main to roughly break even, and the cost included drinks and dessert
  • Would return for a special occasion or large gathering

Overall Impression: 8/10
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Fodder said...

2 dozen oysters seems like a lot. >_<