Saturday, September 5, 2009


Location: 8 Centre Place, Melbourne
Cuisine: Breakfast, Café

Issus Big Breakfast

Serving size was very generous, but possibly too much bread. The whole dish was just plain average. Mushrooms were bland, bacon, eggs and tomatoes weren't anything special, and the bread...just too extensive, too thick and not crusty enough.

Eggs 'how you like them' with a serving of bacon

One of the most disappointing breakfasts I've had out. The eggs were not only burnt on the one side, but not quite cooked enough on the top side, even for sunny-side up. The bacon was dry, tough and chewy. The bread was awfully thick and not crusty enough. There wasn't much excitement in the dish at all.

The service was pleasant, but ridiculously slow. From the quality of the food, it seemed like they forgot about the food and overcooked it. Oh well, will not be returning here again.

Overall Impression: 2.5/10

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