Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Location: Shop 23A, Federation Square, Swanston Street
Link: www.feddish.com.au
Cuisine: Modern Australian

Chips with tomato sauce and garlic aioli

The chips were crunchy and quite well done for typical fat chips. The tomato sauce was just tomato sauce, but the aioli was amazing.

Leg ham, chicken and pineapple pizza

Very balanced flavours, plenty of topping and juicy pineapples - the perfect pizza!

Marinated lamb back straps in tortilla basket with yoghurt

Lamb was a little overcooked and chewy, but the salad and yoghurt were fresh and zingy. The tortilla basket was a first for us, so we found it a little amusing. It was crispy and freshly baked, and the perfect accompaniment with the Greek yoghurt.

Penne aribiatta with bacon, olives and tomato with garlic bread

The sauce was bursting with flavour - rich tomato base - and the bacon and olives added to the flavour burst. I would have liked it more if it had some blander ingredients in there to break it up a little. Mushrooms or onions would have been ideal. On the other hand, the garlic bread was beautifully done that we couldn't get enough of it!

Pan-fried salmon on green beans and roquette

The serving was a little on the small side, but since it came out last, we weren't really that hungry. Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, the salmon was fresh and very nicely done. Very fitting for a dinner overlooking the Yarra River! I'm not a fan of rocket, but the green beans were tender and full of flavour.

The service was quite good, although they did forget to make the salmon until we prompted them. Just as well we were sharing the dishes. The dessert menu was unimpressive, so we headed off for crepes at Melbourne Central.

Overall Impression: 8/10

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