Sunday, December 12, 2010

Locale, De Bortoli

Location: De Bortoli Winery, Pinnacle Lane, Dixons Creek, VIC 3775
Phone: (03) 5965 2271
Cuisine: Italian
Overall Impression: 7/10 (D), 11/10 (J)

J's parents were kind enough to invite me to come along to dinner with them in the Yarra Valley on Saturday night. We had dinner at De Bortoli, J's favourite Italian restaurant.

Highlights, food-wise, was my mouth-watering steak: 'costata' – dry aged & sea salt crusted rib eye of local beef with traditional balsamic & rocket (500gm)

For my entrée I had a delicious tasting but unfortunately undercooked pumpkin risotto. J was very surprised because he has been to Locale a countless number of times and their risotto has always been perfect. I've always been very unlucky with risottos though =( Hopefully my luck will change when we visit Tutto Benne soon.

We had a gelato platter for our dessert. A must have is their caramel gelato. Deliciously salty and sweet, it was such a great way to finish off the meal.

I apologise for the lack of visual stimulants in this blog post. I decided not to take any photos that night because I didn't want J's parents to find out I'm an absolute nutcase. But I've been to De Bortoli for wine/cheese tastings several times and this is what the place looks like by day…

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