Wednesday, April 7, 2010

European Bier Cafe

Location: 120 Exhibition St, Melbourne
Cuisine: Australian pub fare [traditional favourites] and many dishes with a strong European twist.

Char-grilled Kangaroo Loin Fillet cooked medium rare with honey roasted sweet potato, Spanish onion and capsicum coulis
The kangaroo was cooked to perfection. Beautifully tender. I was afraid there may be too much of a strong gamey taste but it didn't. I'm assuming the meat must have been extremely fresh to have avoided the haut goût taste. I personally, really liked the way it had been cooked. Unfortunately, the kangaroo lacked in flavour. They were too easy on the seasoning. Overall, still a pleasant dish that I would not mind ordering again.

Spanish Pub Paella, saffron and paprika infused rice with chorizo roast chicken, capsicums and prawns baked then served

Great flavours but I was disappointed. I had expected the dish to be served in a paellera (paella pan). And as it was served on a plate, it didn't have the beautifully crusty/slightly burnt bottom and it didn't have the infused aromas of being cooked over an open fire. It tasted like a nice risotto. Pleasant but still disappointing. In hindside, I should have read the descriptions on the menu properly because the chef really did deliver what he/she had promised =)

Overall Impression: 5.5/10
Nice, relaxed ambience, good food.
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