Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tao's Restaurant

Restaurant: Tao's Restaurant
Location: 201 Bulleen Road, Bulleen Vic

Went there with my parents for lunch. We had the lunch set menu for $38 (no a la carte)

Atmoshpere was beautiful - we were nicely spaced out, and got our own little section of the restaurant. But I think this was due to the fact that there wasnt a lot of people.

Starters - Chefs seasonal Assorted Platter
(L-R) some sort of anchovy dish (I think, my dad enjoyed this and we got 3 complementary extra servings of this), scallop, tomato & mint (very strange)
A very strange but interesting combination of food.

Entree (mine)
Ice Age Sashimi
Not something you couldnt get anywhere else.

Entree (Mums)
Seasonal Vegie with Chicken Salad
Mix of the crunchyness and coldness of the lettuce with the warm soft chicken.

Ginseng Chicken Herbal
Quiet nice actually, but Im not a ginseng expert

Teapot style Bonitto

Drinking soup like you drink tea - by pouring it into a teacup and drinking from it. The lemon made the soup taste not so bland apparently

Some sort of Plume shot
Did not really like this at all, too sour for my liking.

Main (Dads)

Hot Stone Sizzling Steak on Bamboo Leave
Nice mix of flavours - sweet sour chilli

Main (mine)

Marinated Rack of Lamb
Average, my mum could make it at home with a better sauce. The mint sauce they used did not suit the lamb (in my opinion)

Main (mums)

Baked Ocean Trout with Avocado Sauce
Very soft, tender and nice flavours and sauce.

Rice of the day

Dessert (mums)

Fruit Sago

Dessert (dads)
Green Tea Panna Cotta
Pretty Good, and Im not a green tea fan.

Dessert (mine)
Cream Brulee (as spelt on menu)
Not the most appealing, but l enjoyed the thin layer of crunchy sugar on the top.

Overall, it was an interesting meal.
Would I go there again? Maybe with the feasters. Just so they can try it out.

♥ jenn

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