Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gordon's (Revisited)

Location: Causeway Lane, Shop 4, 306 Little Collins Street
Cuisine: Café, Modern Australian

After such amazing food, and forgiving them for their ridiculously slow service the last time we visited, we headed back to Gordon's for some more Easter feasting.

Meat lovers pizza

Asian tasting platter

This is always a favourite. There are two dipping sauces, one is like a mango chutney salsa, the other sweet chilli and lime. The platter includes chicken skewers, grilled prawns and calamari and probably some other things I have forgotten to include.

BBQ calamari and salmon risotto

Thai beef salad

Service this time around was quite an improvement from last time, but it was still a little on the slow side. We know to only go when we have plenty of time!

Overall Impression: 7.5/10

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