Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pancakes On The Rocks

Location: 4 Hickson Rd, The Rocks, Sydney
Link: http://pancakesontherocks.com.au
Cuisine: Pancakes

After my 2 trips to Sydney, in which both involved Pancakes on the Rocks at some stage of the trip, I've decided that I should add my opinion on it here. This is not much of a food review, just a penny of my thoughts about the infamous Pancakes on the Rocks.


  • cheaper then pancake parlour (melb), but PPs is over priced anyways - but it does do take away now which is always a bonus
  • has an extensive menu, rangeing from pancakes, to crepes, to savoury, to desserts, to wedges etc...
  • open 24 hrs (The Rocks only)
  • lots of seating available at The Rocks location
  • yummy food, but who can say no to pancakes??


  • long queues getting in, but both times I've been havent been much of a problem
  • service isnt the best, especially if you're seated downstairs in the corner
  • The Rocks venue is a bit hidden, nearly got lost trying to find it the second time round
  • slightly longer waiting period for the food

I'll visiting Syd again in late July this year, and im pretty sure we'll hit it up at Pancakes on the Rocks again.


jenster said...

So you finally posted it Jenn!! But now I'm hungry!

jenn said...

I dont like bloggers comment. I don't know when ppl comment :s Only just say this now