Friday, August 8, 2008

Don Tojo

Location: Cardigan Street, Carlton
Cuisine: Japanese
Company: Terry

Lowei suggested this place when Terry and I were looking for a quick bite before our negotiations competition. Turns out I'll have to trust Lowei's judgment of food from now on!

The menu was small and totaled about 10 choices, ranging from don (rice) to udon (noodle soups). My sukiyaki (beef) udon soup came loaded with beef, bamboo shoots and udon noodles. Although a little on the dry side (it could have had more soup), it was full of flavour and almost reminded me of the beef I had at Yoshinoya in Hong Kong. Terry's sukiyaki don came also heaped with lots and lots of beef and vegies.

~Atmosphere and Service~
The place was rather small, and very casual. It appeared like a place for people after a quick but filling meal, and the service was quite fast - quite possibly due to the limited menu.

Very cheap. All dishes were under $10.

~Overall Impression: 8.5/10~Adding this place to my list of quick and cheap eateries!
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Anonymous said...

Quick, fresh, cheap, and filling.
Where else you wanna go???

Nicole said...

I would rate the food well above anything I have ever had at Yoshinoya in HK or Japan. Much warmer service too!

Anonymous said...

We liked the fact that it was licensed, was great to enjoy cold asahi's with our teriyaki. Vry friendly bar staff too :)

Anonymous said...

actually, i was trying to find out the meaning of the name don tojo (i thought tojo might be spanish for bar/drinking place or something) because the bar is covered with south american paraphernalia and the barkeep is chilean/australian.

it was like a combo of my two favourite places in the CBD: DonDon's meets Ruebebelons!

Anonymous said...

Don tojo is a pretty cosy cool place to eat and get your drinks on!! the food is definitely cheap and most especially the Prices of the Drink at the Bar for its location and convenience.. Not only the Bartender are Friendly.. they make you feel really comfortable which makes you definitely comeback!! Keep up the good work Don tojo job well done

Laura said...

I love this place. Check out my take on it at:

Anonymous said...

I love this place. Check out my take on it at